A Dark Past is a ruby based LTQ that is sequenced to start after completing the Coffin Quests. It has 5 steps with a 24 hour dead line for each step.


A Dark Past (1/5)

I was orphaned as a young lad when pirates attacked our family fleet during the night of our journey!

The smoke rising from the boats around us gave my captain and I a haze under which our boats could escape. Sadly, the rest of the fleet was not so lucky.

A Dark Past (2/5)

I was terrified of the sea, yet called to it, wanting to avenge my family. I trained extensively, never again to be the victim I once was.


Step 3

Reward: 5 sapphires 20,000 coins 

Step 4

48 hours for this step

Reward: 10 sapphires 20,000 coins 

Step 5

  • mermaid searches, any type, 2
  • Build a Dojo costs 20 rubies (8 hrs to build)
  • Complete a Medium Voyage with the dark cruiser

Reward: 3 rubies 25000 coins and Armory (10 secs to build free)

Credits: Dark Angel on Forum

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