A Worrisome Wreck Intro 5

This Fixed Date Quest was released on the 25th of April, 2013.  It consisted of six steps and ran until the 28th.

A Worrisome Wreck Prequel

A Worrisome Wreck (1/6)

Our voyages on this fine earth are likely to end sooner'n we please at this rate. Any ideas?

  • Send the dolphins to calm the waters: tap 10!
  • Get a seal to help the dolphins!

Ay, that's slowed down our rate of sinking, but we're gonna need a lot more'n that to get back to the sea.

A Worrisome Wreck (2/6)

Your seafaring friends helped slow down our sinking, but we need t'get on top of it with repairs.

Why thankee, these will make a great start! We need to find a way to get this vessel up though, so we can work underneath!

A Worrisome Wreck (3/6)

We got tools now, we just need the means. you got a way we can lift our lady to fix'r up?

Nicely played, mate! Now we just need to hoist her up!

A Worrisome Wreck (4/6)

If we work together, I'm sure we can get'r going again. We have to warn home about these sea monsters!

  • Sea monsters? Go on a long voyage to scout.
  • Get 2 pieces of equipment for protection.

No worries lad, they're still pretty far out from here. Hmm...but once we're through here, you may want to improve yer defenses.

A Worrisome Wreck (5/6)

Let's focus on getting my ship in shape, then you can focus on protecting your shores.

  • Back to work: Search the mermaids 3 times.
  • Tap the Iron Chain Maker thrice to pull them in.

Perfect! With those tools you got me and yer help gettin' us ashore, we'll be ready to sail in no time!

A Worrisome Wreck (6/6)

Alright, just a few repairs to make and we'll be seaworthy again!

  • Tap your Boat Maker twice for help.
  • Find a few resources on a long voyage.
  • Return in 6 hours when construction is done.

Aha, and she's done! I thank you, sir, for all your help! We must be off to warn our home of the coming danger, but we'll be back to help you, too!

A Worrisome Wreck Epilogue

Incredible work, sailor! Thank you for help repairing our ship! Here's is some treasure as thanks!

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