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Atlantis Game

The Atlantis sub-game is available upon completion of the Opening Atlantis! quest in Paradise Cove. It uses the same energy & experience bars as the main game, so chopping trees and clearing seaweed will deplete the same energy bar.

Note: Whilst this is generally true, it is being slowly released to players to prove the technology/software/gameplay. As such, the way into Atlantis is evolving and many players do not yet have the option of playing.


Should this be Temples?

Atlantis Rising: The Archives

Rebuilding Atlantis Merchants

Economic Growth

For The King! (49Days)

Preserving Our Progress

A Quest For Beauty




Defenders are the Atlantean equivalent of Ships in the main game.

Go to this page for a full list of known Defenders.

Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters are the Atlantean equivalent of Pirates and Ice Soldiers in the main and Christmas games respectively.

Go to this page for a full list of known Sea Monsters.



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