Beacon of Light is part of the first Map Quest in Holiday Adventure and is available once you complete the Icey Soldiers quest.

Broken Clay (1/4)

There it is, the next Holiday Beacon! But something looks amiss...

Oh no! Everything is smashed to bits! Algid must have beaten us here!


Broken Clay (2/4)

We have to help repair these pots, so the island can keep back the darkness and celebrate the holidays right!

Well, it's not pretty, but it's starting to look better! Some paint should clean it up nice!

Broken Clay (3/4)

If we can find some paint or something to cover the cracks, these will look good as new!

Ah, perfect! Except...nothing is happening? What are we missing?

Broken Clay (4/4)

Oh! They aren't oil pots, they are Diya Lamps! We have to get these lamps lit!

None of those flames are staying lit. They must need a special kind of oil.

  • A new clue.


New Sources

We're going to need more than normal flame to get these Diwali Pots lit. That tower over there might have some. Let's go!

  • Expand once toward the tower in the distance. (right side of the first island).
  • Chilly Milly guards the path. Defeat her!

These Ice Soldiers are tough! But we got through. And look! There it is!

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