Beacon of Loss is part of the first Map Quest in Holiday Adventure and is available once you complete the Hidden Pictures quest.

Arch of Balance (1/4)

Come on! We have to get this Beacon lit before Algid can destroy it! But ... what Beacon is it?

  • Go on a Short Voyage to find information.
  • Get a Tier 2 Skate Cobbler to get around faster.
  • Collect from 10 homes to ask people.

I talked to some of the folks we've found in the woods. They say it's the Beacon of Loss!

Arch of Balance (2/4)

The Beacon of Loss? What a terrible theme for the Holidays! How are we supposed to light this?

Apparently, this Beacon shows that Holidays are not just light and joy. We also remember those we've lost. It's all a balance.

Arch of Balance (3/4)

Oh! The Holidays also remind us that to have warmth, we must have cold and to have light, we must have darkness.

  • Clear 20 trees to let the cool air blow freely
  • Get a Tier 2 Oil Shop to keep the fires blazing.
  • Collect thrice from the Cloak Maker to stay warm.

So wait, Al and his blizzard are just as important as the joy and warmth of the Holidays! Maybe we can convince Al of this!

Arch of Balance (4/4)

We have to convince Al of how important he and his blizzard is, and that they are only important because of the Holidays that come with them!

Do you understand now, Al? Come on, we really can work together to save the Holidays, and keep winter alive, too!


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