Birthday Bash! was a fixed date quest that ran from 15th of March, 2013 for four days to celebrate One Year of Paradise Cove. It triggered on the first collection after this date and consists of four parts.


Birthday Bash! (1/4)

Come on, Jack! It's right in time for our one year anniversary on the island! Let's rebuild that old boat we sailed here on!

Well, that's something I guess, but it's hardly in any shape for our village birthday party. I wonder if we could find someone to help repair it...

Birthday Bash! (2/4)

Come on, let's see if we can find someone who can help us repair this ship for our village birthday!

Jack, do you see that ship out on the horizon? Is that who I think it is?

Part 3 Prequel

Birthday Bash! (3/4)

Alright Joseph, you always thought you were better than me, but I've gotten stronger since I got here!

With that cake from Joseph, we can get the energy to rebuild our old ship! Let's give it a go!

Birthday Bash! (4/4)

Let's rebuild our old ship and see if it still stands up to a challenge!

Haha! Look at that, she's still got some power in her.


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