• Halo72

    Time is (almost) up!

    March 28, 2014 by Halo72

    Not that anyone will care, but I just wanted to let you know that within a week I will stop updating the wiki as frequently as I have had in the past.

    One reason is that I am getting a new job which will be more time consuming than my current (boring) one.

    Another major reason is that the game is not as fun as it used to be - and they have made some updates that takes out all the fun for a wiki editor; different rules for different users, changing stats for newer bought vessels compared to old ones and something I have seen over the last month, Tier stats regressing to lesser tiers (voyage costs & returns) but still having the old (higher) Tier.

    So, yeah. I am (almost) out of here. Have fun while I am gone. :)

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  • Roro1955


    February 27, 2014 by Roro1955

    Forgive me everyone, its been two months since my last post and I really should update you all with what’s going on.

    Well, the primary Cove is still the one on the Aldi Dual SIM phone, so far its at Level 34and I have a few comments about gameplay with rubies…

    1. You end up land-bound! At least with the current version on Android, once you get to 5 block per level, it never increases, so if you get an LTQ or two, you’ll soon fall behind on building houses and coin merchants. (You need three house per coin merchant (at the level) plus the coin merchant and the premium merchant – there is nothing spare for decorations or quest merchants/houses!)…    I guess I’ll overcome this when I run out of standard merchants at Level 46
    2. I did the ruby line of q…
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  • King Pepoo


    January 11, 2014 by King Pepoo

    I think its a pity to have two differents reward systems on the game. So it is very hard to find the right way to make it clear witch reward is for wich system.

    What do you think?

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  • IceMat


    December 19, 2013 by IceMat

    Is not the first time happened  ... Im tired of this, searching a FCKNG dolphin for more than 20 minutes, and I need 12 and 10 for diferents QUEST.

    COME ON !!!! 

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  • Roro1955


    December 18, 2013 by Roro1955

    At 10:45 this morning (18/12/13) I reached the magic 16,000 rubies!

    It took me around 60 days from starting the new game, cost 7,915,582 coins, 126.5 hours of spinning on Undersea City and Golden Palace (5 ¼ days of tapping!). Its 267,087 single spins (Kelp Forest or Atlantis) or 53,417 spins on Undersea City and Golden Palace.

    But I’m there!

    I can now state that you will spend an average of around 50,000 coins per 100 rubies, and will gain 450,000 pearls, 1,300 sapphires, 60 emeralds and 5 or so black pearls while spinning for the rubies!

    Will I repeat this effort for the Early Collection Cove I have? I don’t know. Maybe I have some time now to spare, I might, but then again, I DO have a life and TPC is not the be-all and end-all of life as w…

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  • Roro1955

    Still locked out on the SII phone - I did get an email from PG that indicated that the currency had been credited and they then said "please confirm next time you enter the game".

    D'OH! PG, I've already raised a second ticket that I can't get in!

    Thinking about it - the SII is the only Android 2.2 devie I have - all of the others are 4.0 or above - so is it a problem with Android 2.x?

    I don't know - I just wish that PG would respond in a sane manner to the issue instead of parroting the same asinine comments (shut down game, restart game, issue fixed good, not fixed, we'll get back to you).... I mean the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result - does this mean that I'm insane? It mus…

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  • Roro1955

    But Moving On!

    November 30, 2013 by Roro1955

    My Aldi SmartPhone Cove is now over the 10,000 rubies mark (10,881 as at 10:00AM on 30/11/13).

    And, Yes Virginia, it IS much quicker to roll rubies at Level 6! On the hung SII Cove, it took me 2 1/2 months to get to 10,122 rubies after inadvertantly levelling up to Level 7 after 3,500 rubies. On the Aldi phone I'm there after 6 weeks!

    I have the stats and will be collating them soon for a post.

    Oh, I bought my wife one of these Aldi phones too, so I started a new cove on it to count the trees for level ups.

    Guess what?  It came with Early Collection!

    So now I can say that on Android a basic cove has version string v.3.200004-84,0 4R7RELE and the early collection cove is version string v.3.200004-0,0 4R7RELE

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  • Roro1955

    A week has gone by since the SII cove started hanging at load and I raised a ticket.

    And apart from the automated "we got your ticket, we're busy, your call is imporatnt to us, please hold" email I've got nothing.

    So I have two coves in the toilet waiting for PG to get their head out of their proverbial..... 

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  • Roro1955

    PAIN! More PAIN!

    November 23, 2013 by Roro1955

    Last night I reached level 6 with the Galaxy SII Cove (reborn - see previous post).

    There were no mermaids swimming in the cove, so I did a shutdown and restart and loa and behold, there she was!

    I had sufficient funds for 20 coin spins, so I tapped on her and gained 3 rubies in 20 spins (1 ruby per 7 spins), so I tapped on Golden Palace to get my Mastery Spin.


    Well, that's nothing unusual, I have my Aldi phone crashing regularly when I try to get the right mermaid (Undersea City/Golden Palace), so I thought no more about it and restarted the game.

    It hung.... I'm back to where I was a fortnight ago.... PAIN! The game locks solid while loading.

    I have raised a new ticket with PG - the only thing I can think of is that PG credited me with cu…

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  • Roro1955

    Galaxy SII Reborn!

    November 20, 2013 by Roro1955

    Today I received this eMail from PGDrew on my Galaxy SII cove : -

    From: DrewF
    To:   Roro1955
    Subject: [#ISS-928-51008]: Can't get into TPC
    Unfortunately you may have to delete and reinstall the game to connect to the game again. This will delete your game and you will have to start from level 1. However, we will credit you currency to rebuild your game.

    Pocket Gems Support Team

    So I tried one last time to enter on the old cove, still stuck.

    Deep Breath, Go to Google Play. UNINSTALL......

    Shutdown GSII, restart.

    Go to Google Play, Search for "Tap Paradise Cove", Tap on install....

    Up it comes!!!!

    So I'm looking up the Android ID, etc to email PG Drew and let him know that its been restarted and what they need to credit me with so that I…

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  • Roro1955

    Well another week has gone by and PG still hasn't been able to get me back into the Galaxy SII Cove.

    And they FINALLY replied to my ticket on the lost tablet cove, asking for the Android ID. I did find the Android ID of the previous cove (I had it written down in my book of statistics for Mermaid Casino) and, when I checked, its the same as the Android ID of the replacement, blank cove.

    So it seems to me that I'm going to be down all the time I've spent to date on two coves.....

    Is this how PG gets us to spend money? Buy stuff or your cove will die?

    I keep hoping that they can get things back for me, but its looking pretty bleak right now.

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  • Roro1955

    Outstanding Tickets

    November 8, 2013 by Roro1955

    So, in an endeavour to shame PG into a response, the outstanding tickets I have (prior to my cove disappearing) are : -

    [#NKO-582-11751]: Battle List Pirates not spawning correctly       14/08/2013

    (I only get the first three Wnated List Pirates, Edward England Jealous John and Benito de Soto. This has been since the update to Version 3.2. PG occasionally emails me saying that thy're still looking at it.)

    [#ISS-928-51008]: Can't get into TPC                                          10/10/2013

    (There was a minor update around this time and I can't then get into the version of TPC on my Galaxy SII phone. Again PG occasionally emails me saying that thy're still looking at it. Although they did email me while I was enroute to the USA saying I hadn't …

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  • Roro1955


    November 8, 2013 by Roro1955

    Today I was working my way through Tame the Beast and my tablet ran out of battery....

    No big deal I thought, plugging it into charge, I'll just let it rechage and resume....


    On restarting TPC it has me back at the start!!!! Point 1.... Six months gone....

    52,000,000 coins, 60 odd merchants, 117 rubies, 60 odd houses, 25 ships....

    All gone....

    Ticket has been raised.... Get it back for me PG.... I DON'T WANT TO RESTART!!!

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  • MacDitch

    Thought I'd move the topic started on List of ship repair times to a blog as it saves cluttering and confusing a random pages comment thread!

    Summary so far:

    Roro1955: I'd like everything (Merchants, Houses, etc) separated out so that we all know what part of the game (Atlantis, Asgard, Holiday Adventure, etc) they are from.

    Halo72: As for Roro's question, we could make new categories for "Atlantis Merchant", "Asgard House", "Cove Decoration" and so on (if it's not done already).

    MacDitch: The Holiday Adventure stuff is (mostly) separate, but I think the ships ended up in the same category. Unlike Asgard & Atlantis, it is a completely independant game that was released for Xmas 2012 with only some cross-over quests linking it and the 'main' ga…

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  • Roro1955

    Still no joy with the SII

    October 31, 2013 by Roro1955

    Had an update from PG the other day - during a trip to the USA - saying that they hadn't had a response on the lockout ticket and they were going to close it.

    I managed to use webmail to respond that the ticket should still be alive, as I do want my cove on the SII back up - I've invested a LOT of time in it to get the currency and I will be unhappy to say the least if it dies.

    That being said, there is NO backup for ANDROID devices, so I think that all ANDROID users should start to lobby for either a way to backup the game or transfer it to a new device - that way, we stay loyal TPC players and have the satisfaction of knowing that PG DO care for us!

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  • Roro1955

    Well, I'm still locked out of the Cove on my Galaxy SII!

    I have a ticket going since 9th October - I received an eMail from PGDrew on 18th October saying that they're looking into it. I asked and can't uninstall/reinstall as this will blow away ALL progress, losing me 10,221 rubies, 305,403 pearls, 736 sapphires 30 emeralds and 10 black pearls.

    I DID eMail PGDrew back, saying that I'd be willing to restart if they would credit the new cove with the currency. So far no response.

    And my ticket on the Wanted List Pirates is still going - I have another update on 11th October saying that "they're still working through things".

    No acknowledgement yet for the Missing Quests ticket or the Pirated Ships ticket.... I keep hoping....

    BUT - I bought a new…

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  • MacDitch

    Atlantis comes early???

    October 11, 2013 by MacDitch

    Don't know what's going on but I opened TPC this morning and the Atlantis gateway had a "10/1000" banner above it! As soon as I tap a house I get the story pop-ups and looking in the quest list I can see Opening Atlantis! step 1/4.

    "So what?" I hear you ask.  Well, yesterday if I tapped the entrance I got the pop-up saying that you needed to be level 30 to access it.  I'm currently level 19!  For what it's worth, this was before the update to 4.9 was installed, though installing that made no difference.

    Unfortunately (or maybe not) the three sea monsters are too strong for me to battleeasily at this time, so not going to be rushing into Atlantis any time soon. :-?

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  • Roro1955

    Quests Vanished Too!

    October 11, 2013 by Roro1955

    Well, I guess it had to happen - Androiders got a buggy update.

    I have noticed that the Wonders of the World Quest and Relics and Wonders Quest, both of which I was working my way through and NO they were NOT limited time quests - have vanished!

    This is disgusting - I have worked hard to get to step 4 of the Relics and Wonders Quest and only had one pyramid relic to collect before I could collect 5 emeralds and a ruby! And then the finale where I'd get 5 rubies and 5 black pearls!

    The ticket is in - I'm going to push for full restitution - 5 emeralds, 5 black pearls and 6 rubies - I WAS well on the way to collecting! It was only a matter of time.

    Trashing these quests is frustrating!

    And then giving me the Don't Lose Your Head quest - bulkloads…

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  • Roro1955


    October 10, 2013 by Roro1955

    Yetserday afternoon, I went to my Tablet version of TPC to send out the ships on long voyages so that I could gain resources and sapphires.

    Imagine the consternation when I found that two of my hardest working ships, Cpt Beth's Cruiser (Ropes) and The Magellan (Sapphires) had totally disappeared!

    Readers of this blog will note that an act of piracy had already occurred on my phone version of TPC, with Boudicca Battleship disappearing during repairs!

    So I immediately checked the two places where these vessels had been obtained - the ship list (for Beth) and the Wish Book (for Magellan).... AND..... They were both there as though I'd never bought or won them!

    As Beth is only a bit of wood and 1,000 coin, I immdeately purchased her back and also …

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  • Roro1955

    This morning was a very slow morning in my cove - PG has pushed out a new update and its been 8 hours trying to get in on the SII phone - I left the tablet on power and trying to get in - it only took 6 hours!

    Once in, there appears to be more than just a bug fix - the Likeable Street Fair merchant is now available, so PG must have progressed some way to getting the link to Facebook to work.

    Graphic updates however are still slow, the Wedding Hall prize for Lauren's Wish still hasn't upgraded the graphic and allowed me a collection!

    And as I can't collect on the SII, my ruby mining will be in abeyance until I'm back in the Cove on the phone.

    Major 8-(

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  • Roro1955

    Last night I passed 10,000 rubies! (10093 to be exact).

    I will post the approximate number of spins it took when I get back from my holiday - this has also affected the number of spins - people want your time, so my collections are down and thus spins are less.

    I believe that 15,000 by 1st November is now a dream, but I'll get there yet.

    So while collecting and spinning, I've been battling the pirates to keep them at bay (Betty and Paul are definitely pernicious, stealing collections - they need to die as soon as you see them!). Thomas is not really a problem, hanging around with a small footprint, he doesn't really warrant killing unless you need to fir the stats or you are bored.

    Well, I was bored yesterday, so I went to kill him. Unfortunat…

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  • Roro1955

    Ok, Halo72 left a comment on my last blog post about explorers and trees, where he disagreed with the notion that you get extra trees on a plot if you have multiple explorers.

    All I can say is that in the Trees page on the wiki it says : -

    "More trees are available if you searched for more forests by expanding a Plot if you have hired three Explorers."

    So I guess I will be testing the truth of this assertion by buying each additional explorer, one additional level at a time. So after level 10, I will buy the second explorer and see what difference he makes. At level 11 I will get the third explorer and see again (maybe it also has to do with simultaneous exploration?). Then finally at Level 12 I will add the fourth explorer and see what happe…

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  • Roro1955

    Ok, so have I thought about how to proceed once I’ve finished Mining for Rubies?

    Not yet, so this is the start of thinking for the expansion!

    At Level 8 I will have 3 premium merchants to place (Rare Rock Quarry, Jacob’s Chicken Farm and Coconut Plantation) as well as 2 coin merchants (Copper Mine and Fishing Pond). The coin merchants will require 6 houses as well. That is 5 merchants @ 4x4 and 6 houses @ 3x3…. (Actually, since ALL buildings in TPC need a walkway, its 4 merchants at 5x5 and 1 merchant at 4x5 (the walkway coincides with another merchant!). Similarly with the houses 5 @ 4x4 and 1 @ 3x4). Since each block of land is only 5x5, careful planning is needed here!

    So, what to do?

    My current line of thinking is that I will explore and c…

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  • Jamie8727

    I have only had this happen twice and I don't know if I pushed something, or if it happened for a different reason. Does anyone know how to get the pop up to collect coin from all merchants and houses to come up? Has anyone else had it happen? I'm on level 35 and it's only happened twice, but I would LOVE to know how I did it (or if I did it at all). 

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  • Roro1955

    How could I forget?

    Maybe because I'm so slow at going through a Level I've never needed more explorers than Jack!

    But, for those impatient enough to forge ahead (and with enough coins and rubies, you can buy up to three more explorers!

    And, rumour has it, if you do, you'll have more trees on a block than before!

    Oh, and I also realiesed that the 1,023 rubies for the ruby line of quests it to purchase the Houses and Merchants! So that's saved enough rubies to add the explorers!

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  • Roro1955

    Over Halfway!

    September 19, 2013 by Roro1955

    On the 17th September, at around spin 24,280 I reached the halfway point in my goal to reach 15,000 rubies!

    Its all downhill from now on!

    So far its been 53 days and based on current progress, it will be another 55 days - the 12th November, when I hit the target!

    The additional bonus is that I also have 225,000 pearls, 543 sapphires, 20 emeralds and 5 black pearls. At current spin rates this should double by the time I reach the goal, meaning that I won't have a lot of voyaging to do to upgrade the coin merchants, saving cash and speeding up the game!

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  • Roro1955

    Over 7,000

    September 16, 2013 by Roro1955

    Well, I had a couple of interesting days the last few in my ruby mining!

    Firstly, I had the quickest 100 rubies evere earned (by me) - 100 rubies in 111 spins!

    Followed by possibly the SLOWEST 100 rubies! - 100 rubies in 462 spins!

    Still comes back to around 1 ruby every 3 spins, but it would have been nice to have gone on with the quick earning! And that came with 3 25 rubies of better results, one in each of the concurrent sets!

    Then, I was away, so I had a massive buildup of cash (357,341 coins) so I was expecting to have at least a 300 ruby haul on that day's spinning... Nope.... An average pace at first (100 rubies in 300 spins), followed by an even slower 100 rubies! 100 rubies in 475 spins!

    Still, I now have 7270 rubies and am pressing o…

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  • Roro1955

    I remembered I'd left off a VERY useful reason to have rubies around!

    Crafting Cannon and Armour (Hulls)!

    Once you have the Crafting Workshop, yuo can craft the following items :-

    • Glided Cannon
    • Gilded Armouor
    • Golden Cannon
    • Golden Armour

    Gilded Cannon/Armour give +18 attack or defence for 15 rubies + 75,000 coins each - not much more than Basic Cannon/Armour at +15.


    Golden Cannon/Armour give +100 attack or defence for 30 rubies + 95,000 coins each - equip a ship with 3 equipment slots with 3 Golden Cannon and you've got +300 attack! Even on Android with only 2 equipment slots, my Cpt. Richard's Battleship would end up at 495/295!

    So I'll be cutting down on the power-ups and using the rubies for Golden Cannon!

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  • Iansitij

    Recovering atlantis 6/6

    September 9, 2013 by Iansitij

    Hello there fellow Paradise Cove Questers!

    I am currently finishing the "recovering atlantis" quest and i need to craft the eye of peseidon with the 6 shards gatherd from previous quests. Thw thing is, I have only got 4 of the the 6 needed and I'm not sure where I get the other 2? I believe that the quests to gain shards are from inside atlantis and the quest I a currently on down there is "the all-devourer's Escaping." Yet to complete this quest I need to craft the eye... not sure where I lost track and missed the other shards. can anyone help me out?



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  • Roro1955

    Well, I thought I’d better let you all know why I’m heading to 15,000 rubies before levelling up an continuing to build the cove.

    Rubies are needed for : -

    1.     Ruby Merchants.
    The list of Ruby Merchants I have, from the forum, suggests that approx. 6,200 rubies are required for all of the available (and limited time) merchants.

    2.   Ruby Ships
    The list of Ruby Ships is a LOT shorter, but still requires 1,231 rubies.

    3.       Ruby Houses
    It has been suggested to me to use Ruby Houses instead of coin houses as they give a lot more cash with far fewer collections required. Going through the list of Ruby Houses indicates that 1,842 rubies is required to purchase them all.

    4.       Ruby Decorations.
    They’re pretty and they’re available. But that’s all t…

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  • Roro1955

    200+ last night!

    September 8, 2013 by Roro1955

    Last night's ruby haul was 202 off a coin base of 243,000 - the BEST result yet.

    PLUS 5 Emeralds!

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  • Roro1955

    Beyond 6,000

    September 7, 2013 by Roro1955

    Last night I hit 6,000 rubies.

    Afetr a couple of lean days where I was only getting around 120-130 rubies a day, last night's haul was 187!

    So, onwards to 15,000....

    Interesting thing - I'm doing a little ruby mining on the tablet cove I have at level 24 and I'm finding on Kelp Forest that the main spins that arrive are 50% coin return, 100% coin return, 200% coin return and 10 pearls. Rare spins are 250% coin return, 300% coin return, 500% coin return, 5 sapphires and ruby wins (mainly 1 & 2).

    Contrast this with Undersea City on the Galaxy SII Cove I have where the returns are supposed to be 5 adds of Kelp Forest - the returs are more 10% coin return, 20% coin return, etc with scattered rubies and pearls - something seems amiss to me here I m…

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  • Roro1955

    Just before listing the current set of statistics, I thought I’d upgrade you all on the coin manufactory that drives the Casino!

    So, once I hit Level 7 I decided to do some housekeeping/cleaning up.

    Using Lorazepam’s map, I saw that I could fit 4 x Merchants + 2 x Houses onto the first Island (plus a loose decoration or two). I used to have six houses on this island – that gained me 28 squares! Nearly enough to drop in a new merchant! Judicious trimming of the forest and movement of the houses opened up enough room for an additional four Merchants!

    What to build? What to build?

    Well, Level 7 opens up the Copper Mine, but this requires three houses…. Looks like I start to follow Iluvatar and add Premium Merchants!

    So, I already have the Sapphire…

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  • Roro1955

    Beyond 5,000!

    September 1, 2013 by Roro1955

    Well, last night I hit 5,000 rubies at spin 15965!

    Then I realised that after purchasing 335 rubies worth of Premium Merchants, I actually got to 5,000 rubies earned at around spin 15050 on the 30th August 2013!

    Anyway, its been 32 or 33 days to get to 5,000 rubies, so I expect its going to be another 64 to 66 days to get to 15,000...

    Next update will be the current merchants/houses that is generating the cash!

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  • Roro1955

    Using my “Optimal Build to get to Level 6”, I started collecting statistics on Android (Version 2.6). The optimal build is actually BETTER than I did, as I bought ships and cleared extra land to drop in the Sapphire Mine and thus was on the cusp of going to Level 7….

    Android Version 2.6 didn’t have Mastery Spins, so it was simply a count of the number of spins done and the number of rubies and other treasures gained.

    # of Spins    Rubies                  Pearls                    Sapphires            Emeralds             Black Pearls

     4,100          1,130                   36,322                       110                        5                             5

    I hit the jackpot on spin 2,796 when I won 5 Black Pearls! I don’t think that they will come up…

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  • Roro1955

    Curses! Upped to Level 7!

    August 25, 2013 by Roro1955

    Last night, as I went for my daily Mermaid Spins, I must have tapped a tree and BINGO! I'm now at Level 7!

    Whilst not a super tragedy, it does rule off my statistics for Mermaid Spins at Level 6 fairly conclusively, so I'll finally put up some stats on them.

    I STILL intend to reach 15,000 rubies before continuing on, so I'll be taking stats on Mermaid Spins at Level 7 now....

    And I have a bit of room to add some ruby merchants to pick up the cash flow. I just have to decide which merchants.

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  • Iluvatar464

    Following the advice found in the forum and this wiki, I played at level 6 for about two weeks, spinning for rubies in the "Mermaid casino". I took some pictures and they though I may share them.

    This is how my town looked after I exceed the 6000 Rubies goal I set for myself, and just before I upgraded to level 7.

    Beside the rubies, I got lots of pearls and an nice amount of sapphires, but little emeralds and no black pearls. I also had some resources: 2 coconuts, 7 Ropes and 1 Canvas. Not bad to start with, but definitively  not be enough to buy everything or complete every quest. Also may be worth to mention that I think I will have time enough to complete the save the princess quest.

    What I like the most is the fact I already have lots of…

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  • Iluvatar464

    With the intention of organizing and cleaning the level quests mess, I've been working the last 2 or 3 days in the categorization of the quest pages. Finally I've come to a system that will allow us to create a sensible, usable structure that is automatically generated. For example a tree view works like:

    I like the tree structure, because some players may not want to see all quest spoiled at once, and the tree limits how much they choose to see.

    To categorize new level quest pages:

    1) Edit the page: Editing the page is required to add a sort order.

    2) Add the Category in the Categories section. I used one category per each level from 1st to 10, because at the beginning there are lots of level quests. After 10 I used one category each 5 levels…

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  • Roro1955

    Well, I have two versions of TPC in play, a Level 22 one on an ALDI AMID 972SX tablet and a Level 6 one on a Samsung Galaxy SII phone.

    I started the ALDI TPC in May 2013 and thought it a great game, but was disappointed at the speed - then I found out that PG is using the "freemium" model, where you need to pay for rubies (unless you're lucky), so I vowed then and there NOT to BUY rubies - I still allowed myself to buy something I wanted that gave free rubies (and then had to fight PG and i3 to get the ruby credit)... And, In early july my tablet's charger cable broke, so I thought I'd swap the game to my phone (silly me - here I think that PG is using the GMail address when we downloaded it to tie it to YOU - no they use the Android ID to …

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  • Iluvatar464

    I was going to blog about the best way to get to level 6 and how to get as many spins as possible when reaching that level, but got distracted learning how to build a orderable table and Roro1955 added the page :Optimal Build to Get to Level 6. So instead of editing the content, I want to blog on what I think is a better solution.

    The strategy i used: I built only three coin merchants: Bakery, Boat Merchant and Blacksmith. I also built only three houses: Maria's house, Jacob’s House and Emma's cottage. I can tell you when I reached level 6 my island was pretty empty, but that additional space was going to be used soon.

    After reaching level 6, I start slowly collecting coins and playing the mermaids until I had enough gems to buy the Sapphire…

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  • Iluvatar464

    You may read the first part of the blog at Mermaid spins, Empirical evidence: Introduction

    The mechanics to capture the data is simple:

    Before I begin the spinning process I record how many Coins, Rubies, Pearls, Emeralds, Sapphires and Black Pearls I got. I also record the type of spins I’ll be playing (Coin and Ruby). I’ve always play complete “turns”, meaning twenty coin spins and a mastery spin. Frequently I play 7 complete turns (140 coin + 7 mastery spins), because it takes 2 minutes to play each turn, making the experiment a 14 minutes attempt, a decent work break.

    During the spin process, I keep a record how many coin and mastery spins, and how many rubies are gained from mastery spins.  Non-ruby earnings from the mastery spins are no…

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  • Iluvatar464

    With the objective of collecting enough rubies to play the game with little or no real money, I’m playing the "Mermaid Casino" at level 6. I’m doing so, following the advice from this Wiki and from the forum. So in essence, I played the first 3 days leveling up to level 6; I built only three houses and three coin merchants; I bought only the required land and cut the minimum required trees to level up. Finally I collected and saved as many coins as possible and wait for the mermaids to show up. Played the “Sunken Treasure Search” and used all the ruby profits to buy Premium Merchants, and used all pearl profits to upgrade merchants in order to generate more income.

    On the process of planning how many days I’ll need to stay at this level, I …

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  • ScurvyDog

    Attacked by a whale!

    June 17, 2013 by ScurvyDog

    So I'm used to seeing pirates come through in all sorts of different ships.  Big ships, little ships, ships that look like swans, ships that look like rafts.  I've gotten pretty accustomed to it, and I thought I had seen pretty much all of the options.  that is, until I saw this:

    A whale.  A great white whale.  I thought "Awesome! A whale!", so I clicked on it to claim the special reward that must come from such a special whale.  What would I get? Sapphires? Emeralds?  A Black Pearl, perhaps?  No, none of that.  I got this:

    The mind boggles.  Where does one acquire a great white whale?  Where does the crew sit?  How do you control a whale?  Who is this cathykt84 and what does she know?  No idea.  I assume, in time, all will be made clear, b…

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  • ScurvyDog

    So I have been playing for about a week, maybe 10 days, so I am clearly still a noob at this game, but I thought maybe I would jot down a couple of thoughts that might help other noobier people than I am, and also so I can look back at them later and laugh at myself.

    First, let me say I am very happy to have found this wiki.  The game itself is very sparse on information.  How am I supposed to know if I should update my sugar mill or my rock quarry?  I see they cost different things, but what do I get for that expense?  The game is silent on this, and because I am a bit of a data geek, I like to have as much information as possible at my fingertips, and it looks like this site has pretty much everything I need.  I will even confess to having bui…

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  • LocoOno


    April 5, 2013 by LocoOno

    Just got the "Discovering Atlantis" quest today. Cool!

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  • LocoOno

    Guess Someone Should...

    March 23, 2013 by LocoOno

    Go first!

    This game is fun but if you are not careful it can suck the money right out of you! I am on Level 46 and have probably spent less than 20 bucks on rubies.

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  • Mr.dreadnought

    the dreadnought

    March 15, 2013 by Mr.dreadnought


    the dreadnought starts out weak, like all ships naturally do. but THE DREADNOUGHT with golden cannons and golden armors has 550 attack and 450 defense!!! HA!!!

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  • Mihna


    February 19, 2013 by Mihna

    hey guys, what do you think of a question-page? most of the time i miss questions (comments) of other users. i thought it could be a good idea to create a page where people can ask questions. the benefit is that we could collect and organise these questions so other people could check them....

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  • MacDitch

    Voyage returns format.....

    February 13, 2013 by MacDitch

    I've been putting a bit of effort into recording what is actually returned by each of my ships (in Holiday Adventure at least!) and updating the Voyages sections of the relevant pages.  Whilst doing this, it has become apparent that the format is a bit lacking as it is.  Finally we get to the point!  What do people think of changing the Voyages tables to the following format?

    Cost Currency
    Returned Resources
    Returned Equipment
    Tier 1 801

    Tier 2 1,401

    Tier 3 2,353

    Tier 4 3,844

    Tier 5 6,150

    Tier 6 9,685 ~110 Candy Canes 0-1 Ribbons None
    Tier 7 15,066 ~162 Candy Canes None None
    Tier 8 23,201

    Tier 9 35,434 317-354 Candy Canes 0-1 Cinnamon Stick
    0-1 Ribbons 0-1 Basic Cannon
    Tier 10 53,742 443-514 Candy Canes
    0-3 Gumdrops 0-1 Cinnamon Stick
    0-2 Ri…

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  • Brycek

    I just made this template to put on all the ship pages and was wondering what you all think and what improvements can be done. I have already added it to Chris' Sailboat

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