Pirate Volume Quests series will initially guide you to chase off an increasing number of Pirates.

Subsequently, at about Level 22, time limits are introduced for disposing of the increasing number of Pirates.

  • Volume Quests, Series 1 (no time limits) : -
  1. Pirates!                        - defeat  1 pirate (Barnacled Betty).
  2. Securing Our Sea.        - defeat   5 pirates.
  3. Cleaning Up the Ocean. - defeat 25 pirates.
  4. Sheriff of the Sea.         - defeat 50 pirates.
  • Volume Quests, Series 2 (Time Limited) : -
  1. Pirates Attacking!            - defeat 10 pirates in 48 hours.
  2. Pirates STILL Attacking!   - defeat 20 pirates in 48 hours.
  3. More(?)

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