As of version 4.3 (iOS) or version x.x (Android) you can enhance some of your ships by adding up to three crew members.

Crew members are added to your ship by tapping the 'Enhance' button (which replaces the old 'Upgrade' button) and then by either tapping one of the crew place holders (marked 'Add Friend') and inviting a friend from Facebook or by tapping the 'Hire Crew' button.  The latter allows you to hire a crew member for a cost of 2 Rubies.

Once a Crew Member has been added to your ship, they remain there until 'hurt' in a fight.   {THIS NEEDS TO BE CONFIRMED}

Crew members have two functions, each crew member increases your cargo hold (and therefore voyage returns) by 20% and/or acts as a shield when fighting.

When you battle with a crew assisted ship, there are two damage bars - one for ship damage (as normal) and another one above it for your crew. The crew bar takes any hits and damage first, potentially allowing you to fight and sustain damage without having to repair your ship.

At this time, only the following ships can have Crew added to Enhance them:

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