New Quest.

No details yet as to what unlocks this quest.

It is a 5 stage Quest, but there is no time limit for completion of any stage.

Discover the Isle! (1/5)

Discover the Isle! Part 1

Let's track down the source of that beautiful song!

  • Explore on a long Galleon Voyage.
  • Complete a mermaid search to see what they know. (Both types of search are acceptable coin/ruby).


Minimum Time to Complete:       24 Hours (You DO need to do a LONG Voyage with Cpt. Robert's Galleon)
Reward text.

Discover the Isle! (2/5)

Discover the Isle! Part 2

Oh Jack, you can't just wander into our home and view our sacred relic! You have to earn that right.

  • Collect twice from the Fishing Pond
  • Craft a Fishing Net (If you have a net already, this step will count--No need to build another net)
  • Complete a long fishing voyage (any ship will do as long as it is a LONG voyage)

Minimum Time to Complete:         24 Hours (You DO need to do a LONG voyage with a ship)
Reward text

Discover the Isle! (3/5)

Discover the Isle! Part 3

We keep bringing you presents Jack, why don't you bring us some? What can you spoil us with?

  • Get a tier 2 cotton farmer for softer cloth.
  • Find 2 new canvas to impress mermaids (merchantman is best ship to try and obtain canvases)
  • Find 10 new sapphires for jewelry (by voyages or defeating pirates)

Minimum Time to Complete: Indeterminate, but suggest 18-27 hours (you need to voyage for canvas - all going well, 2 x medium voyage with merchantman - 18 hours, sapphires - 1 x medium voyage with Capt. Robert's Galleon).

Reward text.

Discover the Isle! (4/5)

Discover the Isle! Part 4

Oh, but with how beautiful we are now, the pirates will simply never leave us alone. Could you teach them a lesson?

  • Defeat 5 pirates
  • Protect the mermaids with 5 voyages (any length voyages will do)
  • Get a tier 3 water mill for good power.

Minimun Time to Complete: Indeterminate (but if you have the pearls for the upgrade, pirates are around and 5 ships, should only be around 5 hours).
Reward text.

Discover the Isle! (5/5)

Discover the Isle! Part 5

Do you really care about us, Jack? Or do you just want to see our pretty lagoon and sacred relic. Why don't you play with us more? Come on Jack! Com...

  • Complete 4 mermaid spins (these can be coin or ruby spins)
  • Find the ruby jewelry hidden in the cove (10 Rubies). (you can earn these by using your free spins or using your regular ruby spins).
  • If you have free spin in your game then : -
Earn and use 2 free mermaid spins to show loyalty. (it appears that everyone is getting a free spin after 20 regular spins, so you will have to do 40 regular spins (coins or ruby) to earn 2 free spins).
  • If you don't have free spin in your game then :-
Impress the mermaids by buying a wall fountain.

Minumum Time to Complete: Indeterminate (if you hit 10 rubies prior to using up 40 mermaid spins, then it will only take the time for 42 mremaid spins (40 regular + 2 mastery spins)

Aww, you really do care! You're welcome to visit us anytime! This island holds our sacred relic of Tritina, so please tread with respect.

  • 3 Sapphires, 2 emeralds, 30,000 coins
  • Unlocks the section of the Island Map just above Crescent Isle (unlocked by Build a BrickMaker) (Mermaid Isle??) with the smoking/flaming column monument .


krisb and darkangel on the PG TPC forum for the challenges and rewards and gohanie for the pix.

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