Draw a Crowd is a limited time quest that triggers (on iOS) at level 20 after the first step of Relics and Wonders is complete. It consists of six parts.

This quest is not availble in version 3.02.04 or lesser on Android (no ability to craft merchants).

Draw a Crowd (1/6)

First off, with all the new villagers drawn by our wonders, we're going to need to speed up our house production!

That's amazing speed! We can settle this land in record time. Let's go!

Draw a Crowd (2/6) - 24 hours to finish


That Carpenter might help to speed up house construction! Let's put him to the test!

Excellent time! Though not quite highest quality work. Let's see if we can clean it up!

Draw a Crowd (3/6) - 24 hours to finish

Let's get that Carpenter a nicer place to work for higher quality results!

  • Upgrade the Carpenter to Tier 4 (total upgrade costs: 225 sapphires).
  • Expand once to get him some space.

Now there's no excuse! Let's get building! Remember, we're expecting hundreds to come see our new Wonders!

Draw a Crowd (4/6) - 12 hours to finish


Hmm, I think that Carpenter might need some help, to meet the demand of our new visitors! 

  • Ask the Mermaids for their help with 3 searches.
  • Complete a Medium Voyage with Robert for help.
  • Find a Monkey to help the Carpenter (building Monkey decoration, takes 7 hours and costs 347,000 coins).

I think the Carpenter needs more help than that! Maybe we can find someone trained specifically in home construction!

Draw a Crowd (5/6) - 24 hours to finish


With a bit of work, I bet we can find someone specifically qualified to build us homes!

  • Craft an Five Sapphires for this expert's salary.
  • Find 15 sapphires for his bonus! (These can be from voyages or from battling pirates)
  • Defeat 3 pirates so he can get here safely!

Aha! He's ready to come, but wants proof that we're truly ready for the crowds our Egypt Wonder will draw!

Draw a Crowd (6/6) - 12 hours to finish

Let's show the house builder that we're ready for these crowds!
  • Expand once toward the clearing meant for our Wonder!
  • Collect 2x from Carpenter for supplies!

Wonderful! He's agreed to join our island and help us build faster! With our new Egyptian Wonder, our town is bound to grow!

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