Farmin' for Pearls is a Fixed Date Quest that first appeared on the 2nd of September, 2013. It has three parts and runs for three days.

Farmin' for Pearls Prequel

Farmin' for Pearls (1/3)

Miss Maria, I've made a whooooole list of things to do while being babysat! Can I have cake for breakfast? What kind of cow does chocolate milk come from?

  • Spin to have Mermaids find oysters. Any 9 mermaid spins will do
  • Go on a Medium Voyage for pearls. Any medium voyage will do
  • Chop Trees for building supplies. 20 trees.

Thar's a good start! Listen to Scurvy Dan, and ye'll be shukin' oysters and findin' pearls in no time.

Farmin' for Pearls (2/3)

Me hearty, ye can't have an oyster farm without an oyster farmer! Best be buildin' him a house.

  • Expand for room to build. explore any a new part of Land
  • Mystery Craft a home for pearl farmer.
  • Tap Merchants to enlist a farmer. Any 20 merchants

Ye built the oyster farmer's house! Now all that's left is to build the farm!

Farmin' for Pearls (3/3)

Aye,almost time to eat oysters and find pearls! Build the guests a picnic table to enjoy all varieties: be it kumamoto, mystic, or mersea!

Ye did it! Look at all those oysters! Now where did I put me bib?

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