Have you ever wondered if the game rules are fair? Well now you can get a sneak peak of the rules of Tap Paradise Cove and judge for yourself!

Maybe you already know different tools that make it possible to browse individual files from your iPhone/iPad apps? One of these tools is "iTools", and if you install this on your computer, connect your iPhone/iPad via USB, find Tap Paradise Cove on the list of installed applications and click browse, you find a bunch of nicely readable csv-files. You can even save the files to your computer for easy access later on without the need for plugging in your iPhone or iPad. Open the csv-files to discover many of the parameters that define the game rules. Of course this method also works on non-jailbroken devices.

Example 1: Ship's attack/defence
Base attack/defence is found in the file Ships.csv. Additional attack/defence per level is found in CombatShipStatistics.csv.

Example 2: Mermaid rewards
Cost of playing and reward names is found in MermaidLocations.csv. Cost is multiplied by the ratio from GoldToCoinsConversionRatios.csv. Rewards are defined in NamedRewards.csv.

Please note that even though you can LOOK through the files, you can not CHANGE anything and make up your own rules (cheat). Each file is protected by a 16 character "checksum" at the end, and unless you know the algorithm for creating this checksum, any attempt to change a file will cause the game to crash when loading. This algorithm is probably very closely guarded by the game authors!

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