Step 1

Reward: 3,500 coins

Step 2

  • Chop 25 trees
  • Upgrade your Blacksmith to tier 5
  • Do 3 mermaid searches

Reward: 5,000 coins

Step 3

  • Test out Beths Cruiser speed on a short voyage
  • Own 3 ships to test which is the fastest
  • Defeat 3 pirates to show them who's boss

Reward: 6,000 coins

Step 4

  • Chop down 30 trees to get the best wood
  • Upgrade to a Tier 6 Boat Merchant for the best hull
  • Purchase an Iron Mine for the strongest metal (Iron mine is not a limited time merchant)

Reward: 8,000 coins

Step 5

Reward: 10,000 Coins

Step 6


Speedy Sal

  • Upgrade to a Tier 3 Iron Mine for weights to get strong (2100 pearls needed)
  • Complete a short voyage with the Speedster to warm up!
  • Challenge Speedy Sal! Defeat him in battle!

Reward: 12,000 coins

Step 7

  • Build Pirate's Inn, to distract his fans and slow him down! (163,488 coins, 17 hours)
  • Upgrade your Pirates Inn to Tier 3 for more drinks! (2150 pearls needed)
  • REMATCH: Speedy Sal will be back in two. Hours. defeat him!

Reward: 14,000 coins

Step 8

  • Upgrade your Speedster to Tier 3 for top speeds (1365 pearls needed)
  • Recruit mermaids to cheer you on: complete 3 searches
  • Take the win with a Medium Speedster Voyage

Reward: Marble Carver

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