Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival was a Fixed Date Quest which started on the 23th of November 2012. It consisted of six parts and lasted 3 days.

Total costs Total reward

1,830,371 plus

Wood 190 -
Pearls 5,130 -
Black Pearls - 1
Emeralds - 10
Sapphires - 22
other - Turkey Farm

Harvest Festival (1/6)

Harvest Festival 1 6

Come on! We have to make sure the village is safe and prepared for the storm!

  • Tap 20 Houses to prepare the village!
  • Build an Emergency Shelter (takes 9 hours to build, costs: 220,100 Coins, 60 Wood; earning 888 every 2 minutes).
  • Collect from it thrice to ensure it's safe.

The storm is raging and our feast is ruined! What are we going to do?

Harvest Festival (2/6)


Everyone is safe in the shelter, but it will be a restless and uncomfortable night like this. We have to keep people calm!

It sounds like the winds are dying down. Let's go assess the damage.


The storm destroyed our food, washed away our feast hall, and decimated our cook fires. The festival is ruined!

Harvest Festival (3/6)


Well ... I suppose the best we can do is clean up the mess. I'm so upset!

  • Sigh* It's worse than I thought. What a terrible thing to happen.


I am pleased to see your people are safe from the storm. But why so glum? Little is seriously damaged. Our Green Corn Festival is primarily thankfulness for friends and forgiveness of enemies, not just food. Is yours not the same? We can accomplish this even through the storm.

Harvest Festival (4/6)


Come, together we will celebrate our festivals of appreciation despite all that has come to pass.

Truly one of our most wonderful festivals yet, especially to have you as our new friends! Perhaps we can yet save the feast!


Harvest Festival (5/6)


A feast takes just a few small things from many. Let us prepare it together.


Harvest Festival (6/6)

We're going to have a wonderful feast! Let's get everyone here to celebrate


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