Help with Hatching! Intro 4

This Fixed Date Quest was released on the 11th of April, 2013.  It consisted of six steps and ran until the 14th.

Help with Hatching! Prequel

Help with Hatching! (1/6)

Oh no, look!  That floating debris has a nest on it, and I don't think that bird can fly!

  • The dolphins have information.  Tap 10!
  • Search the mermaids thrice to know what they see.

Yep, there's a bird there alright, and the nest even has eggs! We have to find a way to bring them safely ashore!

Help with Hatching! (2/6)

Come on, we have to get that Mama Bird and her babies ashore safely!

We can get the Mama Bird alright, but we'd be too rough with the eggs. We need help!

Help with Hatching! (3/6)

Look! The eggs are hatching! This will make these trickier, as those babies are fragile. And the water is still rising, hurry!

  • Get a Toucan to help carry the babies back.
  • Find a canvas to create a safe carrying pouch.

That's one down, just one more to go! But our toucan is already exhausted! What else can we do?

Help with Hatching! (4/6)

We've saved one of the baby birds, but we still need to get the second one. It's drifting farther away, and sinking as it goes! Come on!

Almost there...just a little farther...oh no!  He's fallen in!

Help with Hatching! (5/6)

We have to hurry!  The baby's fallen in the sea and the Mama bird is in hysterics!

Look look, they're coming! The whale has the baby bird on his back! Everyone will be safe and sound soon!

Help with Hatching! (6/6)

Come on, let's get that baby reunited with its mom.

Aww, look at the happy family, reunited and safe at last. Maybe these beautiful birds will stick around awhile!

Help with Hatching! Sequel

A happy family reunited! And look, one of the babies has even chosen to stay with us on the islands!

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