This Fixed Date Quest was released on the 29th of April, 2013.  It consisted of five steps and ran until the 1st of May.


Lacking Muscles (1/5)

We better do something to try and get stronger in our personal defenses. But i don't even know where to start!

  • Buy some weights.
  • Chase down a ship on a short voyage!

Fwew, this is tough work. I'm not sure this is really going to be worth it. I think we need some help...

Lacking Muscles (2/5)


  • Complete three Ruby mermaid searches..
  • Collect twice from the Baker.
  • Build the Strongman.

Whoa, how did you find THAT guy? He looks like he could get us in shape in no time!

Mid-Point Story

Lacking Muscles (3/5)

Alright, you've got the team, so that's something. but your equipment sure is lacking. Let's see what we can find on this island...

Alright, you've got the tools. Now you need the diligence. Come on whelps, let's go!

Lacking Muscles (4/5)

Lemme see those pectorals! Lemme see those biceps! Lemme see that work ethic!

Reward:'re making progress, sure, but we need to get you more equipment. Let's get a gym set up where we can train long term!

Lacking Muscles (5/5)

Alright, with the right supplies, I can build you a gym here where you can always work out!

  • Find a rope to help with construction.
  • Find 5,000,000 coins to set up shop. (NB: Number of coins is level dependant.)

Perfect! With that, I can build you the ultimate gym experience! Be sure to stop by every day to muscle up!

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