Intro to lending our strength

Intro to Lending our Strength

This is a limited time quest that follows "A Leader Flees! " quest.

Is this the great Cove of Paradise?  Prophecy says "A leader only once will rise, when water burns and fire flies.  Paradise, its strength be lent, will guide you in this great event.'  I WILL be king of Eastano, but it seems  I may need your strength to win.

Lending our strength 1-7

Step 1: Let me explain my case to you. While I am not of the bloodline, I have the strength 


 experience to bring Eastano greatness. 

  1. Ask the mermaids of my greatness with 5 spins
  2. Build a camp for my retinue so we may speak. (house--8 hours to build)
  3. Tap 10 dolphins to guide us in safety

Reward: 1 canvas, 1500 coins

Step 2: Come, we shall help you to defeat these foul honorless pirate fiends! They will take not a

 soul from any ship of ours!

  1.  Defeat 3 pirates
  2. Escape on a medium voyage with Chris's sailboat
  3. Tap 15 houses to rouse help to dock

Reward: 250 pearls, 2000 coins

Step 3: You met the daughter of the Phoenix last week? Well, who would YOU pick to lead? Place my flying fish to join me, her phoenix to join her!

  1. Get Flying Fish or Phoenix Statue (46,670 coins each-- 8 hrs build time)

Note: If you choose the flying fish, you will get a flying fish ship quest reward. If you choose the phoenix, you will get a phoenix ship quest reward. You cannot pick both in this step.

Reward: 10 sapphires, 2500 coins

Step 4:

  1. Build 3 barricades -> 41,600 coins each and takes 12 hrs to build (Note: If you build the barricades ahead of time, do NOT tap them until you get to this step)
  2.  Find one ruby with mermaids
  3.  Collect from 10 merchants

Reward: 1 rope, 3000 coins

Step 5: Jack, I don't know about this. They both have flaws and strengths. The best leadership would be if we could convince them to work together!

  1.  Scout for Sir Bartok on 2 medium voyages (any ship) 
  2.   Find 14 sapphires to convince him to listen
  3.   Find a hull to protect them on the journey back (splintered, basic, solid or stalward armours)

Reward: 300 pearls, 3500 coins 

Step 6: Let's send an envoy to eastano and talk with the people to elect the Daughter of the Phoenix only if Sir Bartok serves as her Vice-Leader.

  1.  Rally the town with you. Tap 25 houses
  2. Send out Beth as an envoy. It's a long trip. (send beth on a 24 hour voyage) 

Reward: 200 pearls, 4000 coins 

Step 7

  1. Tap wheat farm twice 
  2. Tap fish pond twice 

Reward: PHOENIX FLEET (SHIP) or FLYING FISH SHIP (2 hrs build time)

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