This quest will trigger once the player explores around the Serpent of Knowledge monument. This quest has 5 steps. Each step has a 18 hour deadline, except step 4 which has a 24 hour deadline.


  1. Remember you CAN pause between steps.
  2. You will need 105 emeralds at step 3 - ensure that you either have these on hand or have ships capable of returning 105 emeralds in under 54 hours!

Step 1


Text here....


Look!Two kids just dashed into the woods near the tree! Maybe they're connected to the Paratoan Tree. Let's try to talk to them.

10,000 coins

Step 2


Let's try to show those kids we're friendly. Maybe they know something about the tree.


Reward Text here

15,000 coins

Step 3

  • Build a Safe Haven (74,649,734 coins, takes 8 hours to build, unlocks at step 3)
  • Build a tire swing decoration (2,107,080 coins, takes 2 hours to build, unlocks at step 3)
  • Upgrade Cocoa Merchant to tier 3 (tier 2 - 45 Emeralds, tier 3 - 60 Emeralds)

Reward: 20,000 coins

Step 4


Challenge Text


You have grown quite strong since you docked here. Perhaps you will be good guardians for Paratoan, in time.

20,000 coins

Lost Children (5/5)

It seems you are strong, defeating those pirates. May we stay with you for awhile, until the pirates stop hunting Paratoan?

  • The Mermaids will guard Paratoan with 3 searches.
  • Complete 3 medium voyages to keep pirates away.

We cannot show you Paratoan yet (rest of text lost when TPC crashed - again!)

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