Monuments Unlockable by Coins

Skull Cave Monument

IMG 0225
Expand to the Skull Cave in the Quest "The Adventure Begins" to start the quests.
  1. Complete Quest "Digging Deep".
  2. Complete the Quest "Digging Deeper".


On completion of Digging Deeper, you will get a map piece that points to the Library Towers Monument.

Library Towers Monument

Expand to the Library Towers to start the unlocking quests!

  1. Complete Quest "Structural Integrity"
  2. Complete Quest "Some Translation Required"
  3. Complete Quest "High in the Sky"


On finishing High in the Sky, you will get a map piece that points to the Abandoned Castle Monument.

Abandoned Castle Monument

IMG 0226
Expand to the Abandoned Castle to start the unlocking quests!
  1. Complete Quest "Bigger Boulders".
  2. Complete Quest "Need a Gate, Mate?".
  3. Complete Quest "Guard... Snake?".


The reward from Guard... Snake? is a map piece that points to the Snow White Monument.

Snow White Monument

Expand to the Snow White Monument to unlock the Quests. 
IMG 0227
  1. Complete the Quest Breaking the Ice
  2. Complete the Quest "Harder, Faster, Stronger".
  3. Complete the Quest "Difficult Nut to Crack".
  4. Complete the Quest "Long-awaited Gift".

Reward: The final quest gives you a map piece that points to the Statue Monument.

Statue Monument

IMG 0228
Expand to the Statue Monument to unlock the Quests. 

Requires to unlock:

Pot of Gold Monument

IMG 0229

Second map location of the Quest Hidden Ziggurat

Requires to unlock:


For all players, completion of this monument triggers start of Tough Schooling quest.

Smoke Signal Monument

Photo (1)

Requires to unlock:

Monuments Unlockable by Rubies

Emerald Statue Monument

IMG 0230

Requires that you complete the quest "A Secret Tip to Success" to unlock the island.

Then complete the quest "Replacement Gems" to unlock the Emerald Statue.

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