No Place Like Home is a ruby based LTQ that has 6 steps with a 24 hour dead line each step and is unlocked at level 16.

Please note that some players have reported different rewards.

No Place Like Home (1/6)

Please help me defeat that wicked Pirate of the West! My Aunt Gail can probably help, she's a great sailor!

  • Find Aunt Gail; she's helped me out of danger before. (Costs 13 Rubies, 40 Wood and takes 8 hours)
  • Defeat 2 of the pirates chasing me!
  • Defeat the Pirate of the West!


No Place Like Home (2/6)

Gail mentioned a hidden tower with mpas of all the world, which may show my home! But only the Tower Steammen know how to find it.

Look! He's starting up! He's gesturing over the towAEEEEEEEAAAAKKKKK!!

  • 5 Sapphires. (Android definitely 5 Emeralds??)
  • 15 Rubies. (Android definitely 15 Sapphires??)
  • 20,000 Coins.

No Place Like Home (3/6)

No! The Pirate of the West is back, and stronger than ever! She's taken the Steamman, and Dorothea too! Quick, we have to save them!


No Place Like Home (4/6)

We're hitting the Pirate of the West with everything we've got, and she just comes back stronger! What can we do? We have to save Dorothea!

  • Ask the mermaids for help with 3 mermaid searches!
  • Upgrade Gail's Ark to Tier 3 to get stronger!
  • Defeat the final Pirate of the West!


No Place Like Home (5/6)

Thank you! Now, I overheard the pirates say poppy fields surround the towers. Be prepared, their pungent fumes put people to sleep!

  • Send Gail on a voyage to spot the poppies!
  • Plant a poppy field to get accustomed to their smell. (Cost: 12 Rubies, takes 2 mins to build)
  • Find and place the Amethyst Towers! (Cost: 17 Rubies, 60 Wood, takes 6 hours to build)


No Place Like Home (6/6)

We made it! But... there's nothing here! Just a bunch of junk! What am I going to do now? I'll never get home!

  • Answers lie over the rainbow! Build the rainbow bridge.
  • There's no place like home: collect from 30 houses.


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