Powerful Cannons

This is a mid-range weapons upgrade for your ships and it will increase the attack rating by 36.

This weapon will be periodically returned by the following ships when voyaging:

Ship Minimum Tier Maximum Tier
Carnival Clipper Tier 10
Cpt. Phillip's Frigate Tier 10
Cpt. Richard's Battleship Tier 10
Cpt. Robert's Galleon
Gail's Ark Tier 10
Glacial Glider Tier 10 Tier 10
Family Fleet Tier 10
Frankenship Tier 8 Tier 10
Ghost Ship
Parker's Pinnace
Snow Queen's Sleigh Tier 10 Tier 10
Speedy Voyager Tier 10
The Golden Hind Tier 10
The Magellan Tier 3

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