Preparing the feast small

Preparing The Feast was a fixed date quest which started on the 16th of November 2012. It consisted of four parts, each lasting 24 hours.

Preparing The Feast (1/4)

  • Step 1 Quest Screen
  • Step 1 Reward Screen

We know the Harvest Festival is coming by the changing of the leaves. We better get the island in spirit for it!

  • Get 2 Harvest Trees (a decoration, costs: 19 rubies each).
  • Collect from 15 houses to invite guests.
  • Find a gift to bring with a ruby mermaid search.


Preparing The Feast (2/4)

  • Step 2 Quest Screen
  • Step 2 Reward Screen



Preparing The Feast (3/4)

  • Step 3 Quest Screen
  • Step 3 Reward Screen



Preparing The Feast (4/4)

  • Step 4 Quest Screen
  • Step 4 Reward Screen



  • Beautiful Tented Pavillion (there is an implication that we will need this for the Thanksgiving Quest).

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