Relics and Wonders spoiler

This quest is available when you reach level 20 and has 5 parts.

Relics and Wonders (1/5)

Challenge: Your merchants now have a chance of giving you resources! Collect and then check your Resources (in the My Stuff Menu) to see what you found!

Bolts, serum, canvas, rope, and coconuts! Those are the precious resources you should keep collecting!


Relics and Wonders (2/5)

  • Step 2 Reward Screen

Challenge: Take your new resources and craft them into tradable goods. Hurry or you won't have anything to sell when the trading ship comes!

Reward Text....

Relics and Wonders (3/5)

  • Step 3 Quest Screen
  • Step 3 Reward Screen

The trading ship will offer you relics in exchange for tradable goods. Collect the right relic pieces to build your Wonder of the World.

  • Make a trade for an Egyptian relic.
  • Make another Egyptian relic trade

Reward Text....

Relics and Wonders (4/5)

  • Step 4 Reward Screen

You need more relic pieces! When you uncover the whole scroll, you will receive your Egyptian Wonder. Keep trading for more relics!

  • Trade a Hilt & a Wagon for a Pyramid relic.
  • Trade a Hilt & a Bowl for a Scarab relic.

Reward Text....

Relics and Wonders  (5/5)

  • Step 5 Reward Screen

Challenge: When you finish piecing together the entire scroll, watch it come to life! Soon you will have a piece of Egypt in your islands!

  • Trade for 12 total relic pieces to patch your scroll.
  • Complete your scroll and get your Wonder!

Reward Text....

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