Ship of the Enchantress is a quest that begins on August 8, 2013. The quest has a 72 hour deadline and 5 parts. This is also a ruby-based quest.


My ship is yours! If you beat me, that is. Hahaha! What makes my ship so powerful? I use enchantments from mermaids, exotic birds, and even humans. Come battle if you dare!

Ship of the Enchantress (1/5)


What do you say to a battle? If you win, my Enchanted Ship is yours. Or else, the mermaids get it!

  • Defeat 3 more pirates (friends will count)
  • Tap 4 more dolphins


  • 300 Pearls.
  • 3,500 Coins.

I see you've accepted the challenge, human. Let's battle!

Ship of the Enchantress (2/5)


So you'd like to win my ship? Too bad, you don't have mermaid magic. Hahaha!

  • Use 3 more mermaid ruby spins
  • Get a White Peacock
  • Defeat Circe 2 more times


  • 2 Emeralds.
  • 3,000 Coins.

Link to the thread in the forums.

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