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Updates and Notices


17 Mar 14

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.7.1 released
    • Faster Load Times! - Don't believe it!!

11 Mar 14

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.7 released
    • Bug fixes and New Features


20 Feb 14

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.6 released
    • Bug fixes and New Features


30 Jan 14

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.5 released
    • Bug fixes and New Features


20 Dec 13

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.4 released
    • Bug fixes

13 Dec 13

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.3 released
    • New features and bug fixes!
    • (Boosts are working again!)


20 Nov 13

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.2 released
    • Bug fixes

12 Nov 13

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.1 released
    • Bug fixes
    • Can you defeat the Snow Queen?


29 Oct 13

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.0.1 released
    • Minor bug fixes

21 Oct 13

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 5.0 released
    • Come see what Halloween adventures await you in Paradise Cove!
    • New equipment interface

10 Oct 13

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 4.9.0 released
    • Lots of spook-tacular new quests to celebrate Halloween!!!

08 Oct 13

  • Paradise Cove Android Version 3.20.04 released
    • Bug fixes


20 Sep 13

  • Paradise Cove iOS Version 4.8.0 released
    • Bug fixes


6 Aug 13

Latest activity

  • edit Mermaids
    edited by Wilsondx4 diff
  • discussion page Talk:Mermaids
    new comment by Wilsondx4
    Comment: It is not a mistake to spend rubies on Mugulsworth's Mansion.  Buying his Mansion opens a piece of land north of your starting island.  This island...
  • edit This Land is Mine
    edited by MtotheV diff
    Edited the section: Step 1
  • new page Camera Shop
    created by Newtimesmi
    New page: Cost Unknown Any AdditionalRequirements None Plot Size 4 x 4 Build Time Unknown EarliestCollection Time 2 hours LatestCollection Time 8...
    Summary: Added a new merchant page
  • discussion page Talk:Atlantis
    new comment by ThomasCates
    Comment: Seems to me like Atlantis - nor the Opening Atlantis quest - isn't available yet on Android, and I'm level 35. Unless it's unlocked at higher...
  • edit Bearing Fruit
    edited by Suzmit diff
    Summary: some spaces went missing
  • new page Bearing Fruit
    created by Suzmit
    New page: This quest is available once you complete Home is Where the Heart Is. Bearing Fruit Edit Challenge: Protect our brave sailors from scurvy! Create...
    Summary: Created page for quest

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  • discussion page Talk:Emergency Measures
    new comment by Markyrwol
    Comment: Answer from: RiskCount To open "Emergency Measures" you must complete all of the following quests. I've put the total number of rubies required to...
  • discussion page Talk:Corn Farm
    new comment by Suzmit
    Comment: Is it possible to get this on android? Is it a limited time merchant like the drum maker? I don't want to level up and miss out on the corn farm if...
  • edit Category:Premium Merchant
    edited by Suzmit diff
    Summary: link to premium merchant stats page of this wiki, since it's useful and I can never find it.

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