The golden Lily task
The golden lily

The Golden Lily is a limited time quest that ran from 6th of February, 2013 to celibrate Valentine's Day.

The quest has 5 parts and a two day deadline for each. It triggers by tapping any house (collecting coins).

Total costs

Total costs Total reward
  • 844,560
  • 1x mermaid talk
  • build Florist, rose bush, hart tree
  • short voyage, long voyage, short voyage with Beth
  • 2,265
Sapphires --- 10
Emeralds --- 5
Rubies --- 2

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The Golden Lily (1/5)

You'll help me tell her? Really? Oh thank you! I could use all the help I can get!

  • Talk to the mermaids for ideas.
  • Build the Florist (a merchant, costs 816,700 coins, takes 11 hours to build).
  • Collect from it 2x for a nice bouquet.

A bouquet? I suppose flowers are a great way to show I like her as MORE than a friend, but this bouquet is so plain....

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The Golden Lily (2/5)

I can't impress her with a simple bouquet. Do you know how many boys bring her bouquet's around the town? TONS!

  • Go on a short voyage to find more exotic blooms.
  • Plant a rose bush for more romantic flowers. (A decoration, costs 27,860 Coins, 8 hrs to build)

Hmm...even roses are pretty plain relative to her beauty. I don't think this is going to cut it.

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Step 3 Prelude

The Golden Lily (3/5)

I'm sure I can get that plant for my love! You're a great adventurer, could you help me prepare!

  • Teach me to sail on a long voyage. (Any Ship)
  • Teach me to climb with the Heart Tree. (Costs 25,400 Coins, 4 hrs to build)
  • Teach me to fight defeat 3 Pirates!

I'm almost ready for this great adventure, just a few more things. I'm almost ready to show Cheryl my love.

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The Golden Lily (4/5)

I'm feeling stronger than ever! That Golden Lily is sure to be mine! I just need a few supplies

  • Collect from the blacksmith for tools (this can be skipped for 10 rubies).
  • Collect from the baker for bread (this can be skipped for 10 rubies).
  • Find a rope for your pack (this can be skipped for 5 rubies).

Alright, wish me luck! I'll be back before you know it!

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The Golden Lily (5/5)

Hey, have you seen Patrick recently? I saw you two talking, but he seems to have disappeared from the village.

He... he liked me? All this time? I always liked him, but thought we were just friends!

  • Golden Lily (a decoration) that sprouts sapphires.

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