The Perfect Gift was a fixed date quest that ran from 14/12/2012 until 25/12/2012.

There will be a new decoration available for each day and as reward you will get a special merchant in Tap Paradise Cove. This quest is connected to Holiday Adventure game, there you will find a duplicate of this quest and another quest each day, starts with On the First Day.

The Perfect Gift

I want to show Maria how much I appreciate her help with some nice gifts! Can you help me find the perceft things? Each is here ONLY FOR ONE DAY! (Build 12 decorations available for rubies, each decoration is available ohnly for one day).
  • On Dec 14th, get a Partridge in a Pear Tree!
(Build Pear tree, cost 5 rubies , takes 2 minutes)
  • For Dec 15th, Turtle Doves sound nice!
(Build Turtle Doves cost 7 rubies , takes 2 minutes
  • Dec 16th need some French Hens!
(Build French Hens, cost 9 rubies , takes 2 minutes)  
  • Get Colly Birds on the 17th!
(Build Colly "Calling" Birds, cost 15 rubies ,  takes 2 minutes) (10 rubies to skip)
  • A Golden Ring seller is perfect on Dec 18th!
(Build Golden Rings , cost 23 rubies takes,takes 5 hours) (20 rubies to skip)
  • Geese Eggs sound great on Dec 19th!
(Build Goose Farm , cost 29 rubies , takes 5 hours) (20 rubies to skip)
  • Get Swan Lake, for sale on Dec 20th!
(Build Swan Lake, cost 12 rubies , takes 2 minutes) (10 rubies to skip)
  • Milk Maids come to town on the 21st!
(Build Milk Maids , cost 29 rubies , takes 7 hours) (20 rubies to skip)
  • Ladies learn to dance on Dec 22nd! 
(20 rubies to skip)
  • Lords come Leaping on Dec 23rd! 
(10 rubies to skip)
  • Pipers pipe through town on Dec 24th! 
(20 rubies to skip)
  • Drummers ring in the season on the 25th! 
(20 rubies to skip)

Minimum cost: 171 Rubies


  • A Merchant ?

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