To Cure a Curse is a LTQ that becomes available once you complete Step 8 of Curse of Greed. Each step has a 17 hour deadline.

Step 1


The Chicken Farmer recently had the Curse of Gluttony planted uponhim. Let's see what we can learn there.

  • Get the Chicken Farm
  • Collect twice from him for information (The Chicken Farmer)
  • He's hoarding everything! Expand once for space!


Definitely the Curse of Gluttony, and a bad one! We better act fast! A clipping of his hair would let me better analyse the curse's design..

Step 2


Let's get a lock of hair from the Chicken Farmer so we can examine the structure of the curse.

  • Get a Tier 2 Chicken Farm for a better sample.
  • Build the Barbershop (Merchant, build time 14 hours, costs 3,757,000 coins)
  • Send the clipping on a medium voyage for study (Complete a medium voyage with any ship)


Reward text here...

Step 3

Challenge: I believe Venus' Love would break this curse! It's a potent ingredient......

  • Do 3 mermaid searches to ask about Venus' Love
  • Build Herb's Greenhouse (House, build time 10 hours, costs 2,978,200 coins)
  • Learn about collection by collecting from Herb!


Just as I feared! We'll need a clipping of Venus' Love. I hope you are as brave as you act.

Step 4


First, smoke of Kestrel's fire will help to tame the beast. Let's recruit her help, and she owes you after that pirate fiasco.


Step 5

Reward: 5 sapphires & 23,000 Coins

Step 6


What Speed! What bravery! You were able to get the cutting and no one got hurt! Let's just make sure the village is safe from this beast!

  • Collect thrice from the Greenhouse for supplies
  • Place three white picket fences around the plant (builds 5 hours, costs 254,670 coins)
  • Complete three short voyages to spread the warning


And now to finalise the recipe!  I believe the cure is near comlpete!

Step 7


I just need to let this recipe brew a bit. Come back and we'll test it on the Chicken Farmer!

  • Come back in 3 hours
  • Collect twice from the Chicken Farm to test


Reward Text here.......

Credits: HMS Paradise on Forum

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