This is a newer version of the Weekly Challenge! that premiered on iOS on the 19th of August 2013.  The 'blitz' aspect is that you have less than the default 24 hours.

Each day, when you first interact, the days challenge and associated counter is started.  In the same way as the Weekly Challenge!, each day has an individual reward, with a bonus reward for completing all five challenges in a given week.

Week Begining 19-Aug-2013

Monday Challenge

Find and Tap 5 dolphins 4 Hours 5,000 Pearls & 20,000 Coins

Tuesday Challenge

Hire 2 Crew for Phillip 1 Hour 30 Iron Ore & 20,000 Coins

Wednesday Challenge

Earn 20 rubies from mermaids! 2 Hours 15 Emeralds & 20,000 Coins

Thursday Challenge

Do 7 short voyages 7 Hours 1,000 Pearls & 20,000 Coins

Friday Challenge

Defeat 6 pirates 6 Hour 150 Sapphires & 20,000 Coins

Reward for Completing All Days

800,000 Coins, 5 Rubies & 1 Scarf

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